Ness Mann

Artist and Quilter

1989-90 Foundation in Art and Design, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury.

1990-91 1st year of a BA in Fine Art (sculpture), Norfolk Institute of Art and Design, Norwich.

1991-93 HND in 3D Design (ceramics) Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester.

'After living in London and Brighton, and years of extensive travel working as a professional sailor, Ness has settled on the south coast of England where she works in education.

Her illustrative style has evolved from a combination of influences; medieval illuminations,  Victorian decorative art, Renaissance painting and illustration from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Ness has mainly painted with oils or acrylics, though recently has also been working in watercolour, pen and ink and coloured pencil. Her commissions to date have included several large scale paintings for private residences and printed cards for retail sale.'

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